In August of 2012 I purchased a lifetime warranty muffler from Monroe Muffler,Medina N.Y. @ a cost of $236.00 for muffler and $99.00 for labor. On 4/23/14 I contacted the same store that I made my purchase from to see about them honoring their parts warranty. I was told by the servicemen on duty that they would only honor the warranty if I hired them to replace the part “”nowhere in the warranty information that they provide to the consumer does it state that””. I explained to them that the vehicle is old and I would not pay him another $99.00 he quoted me over the phone to replace it. That I just wanted the muffler that is under warranty and I would install it myself with the understanding that after I do this it would void all future warrantees. Which is exactly what the warranty they furnish the cusomer states. The servicemen refused to do so,I called Monroe Muffler,Medina N.Y. again on 4/24/14 to try and reason with them and come to an agreement,they refused to discuss it any further. I called their central office and voiced my concern with their customer service department and received the same response. I initially Knowingly paid an excessive amount for the part specifically for the lifetime warranty “”that they now refuse to honor””. I see this as false advertising,consumer fraud and blackmail. Especially after going and having their muffler replaced for a total of $97.00 plus change @ a Cole Muffler branch and this was parts/labor/and tax. When Cole completed the work,I explained to them why I was there and their servicemen told me that is awful,considering the muffler he just installed comes with a Lifetime Warranty for as long as I own the vehicle. I asked what the labor charge would be and was told $49.00. So I have filed a report with the better bussiness bureau and also the New York State attorney generals office. I encourage anyone who has been scammed be any company or service station to do the same. Unfortunately it seems to be the only way you will get fare results. .

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