We purchased a sectional from Ashley Furniture along with the warranty from Montage Furniture Services. After about 6-8 months the back board come off the left side then the arm boards broke on the same side. We filed the claim and waited. Finally about 6 months later they sent someone out to look at the couch to decided if it could be fixed. They decided that it couldn’t be fixed and they were going to replace it. BUT they were only going to replace the left side of the sectional. Now mind you it has been about a year and a half since we purchased the couch so the dye lots have changed. They said that it is a dye lot issue and that is not covered under my warranty. They actually expected me to take half a couch that is 4 shades lighter than my couch. When I questioned it their excuse was that “on the sales receipt there are two sku numbers for each side of the couch so there are two different pieces””. My suggestion is if you purchase the warranty from Montage make sure you file a claim on both sides of your couch!!!!”

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