I am a customer of Global Vacation Marketing Corp. In the fall of 2014 I attended a free seminar in San Dimas, CA of which the vacation time shares were being sold. Although, I was very reluctant to purchase, these expert sellers, sent me through 3 or 4 different sales persons, each trying to bait me and encourage me to try their product. Of course, the offers were getting more attractive as I was being filtered through various sales persons. I explained that I had a very limited income, hard no credit card, and little money in the bank. These very clever and expert hard sales persons have tried and true tactics of manipulation with their bait and switch sales pitch. They finally convinced me to do a trial program. In retrospect, I went against my better judgment and signed a one year trial. Of course they had their finance people come up with something workable as they knew I had little cash. I was given a contract where I pay $95.63 for the 12 months. Once I have paid this fee in full I will be able to book their vacation services. Global Vacaction Marketing Corp is affiliated with Monterey Financial Services out of Kansas City, Mo. I have a coupon booket and so mail a payment of $95.63 each month which is due by the 15th of each month with a grace period of 10 days before late fees are accrued. May 1, 2015 I mailed my check for payment . Just prior to May 15th I saw that it had not been cashed after reviewing my bank account. I called Monterey Financial Services and made an inquiry. The agent suggested that I cancel that check with my bank and send another payment so that I wouldn’t accrue late charges. The agent offered for a $10 fee to do an electronic payment. I opted to send a check. I did not want these people to have direct access to my bank account. I sent the second check and it was cashed. On June 2nd, I get a call at work. First it was a male agent calling to tell me that I was was delinquent and was going to go to collections. I told him that I wanted to pull up my checking account info. on the computer so I could discuss this . We got cut off. Once I pulled up my checking information, I called Monterey Financial Servies back. This time I was dealing with a female agent. She told me that I was was delinquent and owed money and that if I didn’t pay the fees I owed today that I was going to be reported to the the credit bureau. I then told her that I owed no money. I told her about the two checks and that the first check was lost and that I was advised to send in another payment. She reviewed the notes the agent wrote in May and told me that there was nothing stated in the notes about the “lost check”” and that it was my responsibility to have made a second call back to let the company know that I had cancelled the first check and sent a second check. The reason for the call on June 2

2015 was to collect $25 in banking fees

as they found the first check sent in May and ran it through and were assessed fees for this check having been cancelled. I requested to speak to a supervisor. I was refused. I requested over and over again

getting more upset as each moment passed. The agent said she was perfectly capable of handling this case and was a trainer and team leader. I would say she was a bully and knew little about customer service. Finally

she offered me a compromise