First off, I don’t want this report to come off as a complaint because I would hate to wish bad business on anyone. This is pure informational, and was encouraged to write this from other mothers who felt that I should. My son attended this school for a year. He learned so much and I thank them for that. However, one morning when dropping him off, I was so proud and excited to tell the owner/teacher Ms. Alicia about my son’s potty training progress. Told her my son got out of the bathtub by himself to use the potty. She automatically only heard that he got out by himself and assumed he was unattended. Many words came out from her explaining to me how dangerous that was and that if I “ever did that again that she would report me to CPS.” Even said she’d give me “pow pow” aka spanking. I was in shock from how angry she was talking to me, disrespectfully close to my face, that I wasn’t able to even explain the whole story. Went to pick him up at the end of the day after collecting my thoughts about all this. She again wants to talk to me, but this time I felt irritated. She says, “Hey, look at me!” She then starts crying and explaining me why she felt so strongly about leaving a child unattended in the bathtub. Was I supposed to feel bad for her yelling at me? Did she really think I put my children in danger? In my mind, she completely misjudged me as a mother, my parenting, and my judgements. I was then able to explain the whole story, where I had a friend attending my son and my friend’s daughter during that bath session. Afterwards she was apologetic and asked for a second chance. When I brought up the CPS thing, she told me she was joking. Day after, I dropped him off and felt very uncomfortable coming back to this school. My husband and I believe she knew we wanted to pull him out, so leaving was sudden but mutual. Again, I don’t wish bad business on anyone. I paid $1600 a month at this school which was hard for us, but we thought it was worth it. After this incident, after being threatened, spoke to like a child, I, as a mother of two couldn’t be happier to move on.


  • Name: Montessori At Home
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Salida
  • Address: 5005 San Felice Dr
  • Phone: 209-545-6915
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