Complaint: Lets start this report in the form of a question just for fun! Take 4 houses all a stones throw away from each other! and all built at the same time! 1, House A has 5 bedrooms 3671 sq ft of living space was in really good shape and sold for 289,000 which comes to $79 per sq ft 2, House B has 5 bedrooms 4776 sq ft of living space in really good shape and sold for 333,000! which comes to $69 per sq ft 3, house C which has 2660 sq ft and 4 bedrooms and is in really good shape has been for sale for 6 months at 269,000 which comes to 101 per sq ft if and when it ever sells for that much! 4, now we come to my house, house number 4, which is only 3 bedrooms and 2720 sq ft and needs $30,000 worth of work to be brought to best market value (this was show and proven to the board of crooks and cowards! so you would think if you divide the mean price of the others you would come to around $83 per square ft, even though the house that did not sell is jacking this number up! So with all that said you would expect my house to come in around $225,760 NOT SO! unfortunately for me the board of crooks and cowards sent their own guy out (a nice guy) even though he is sent out to do the devils work of robbing from the poor to give to the rich! I mean taking from the real working people to give to the public sector union thugs so they can retire at 50. Anyway this guy found some houses that where miles away from the 4 mentioned above that where nothing like the 4 mentioned above and came up with a number of $110 a square ft (I did not like this but since my house was being assest at $151 per square foot I figured I would be happy to just get it down something. So today in the mail I opened the box and saw my letter from the board of assessment thinking i was going to see a number of 299,200 (SINCE THIS IS WHAT THEIR OWN GUY WHO IS PAID TO RIP PEOPLE OFF SAID) I even have it on the papers that he gave me with $110 per sq ft!!! So with all that said I want you to guess what my new assessment was???? If anybody guessed 385,000 you a winner!!!!!! That’s it they lowered it less than $2000 that’s over $85000 higher ten their own guy said it was worth and over $100000 more then the Realtors say its worth!!! 141,000 per sq ft is what this comes out to Oh boy more on this later, its time to drink some $7 vodka and kick myself in the butt for not being a teacher! and kick myself in the butt for blowing $50 bucks for this assessment hearing with these idiots. Don’t bother trying to get your tax bill lower they simply do what all government does (MAKE THE RULES AS THEY GO)

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