Scott Rickman of morgan and pottinger in Lexington ky commited fraud! And malpractice!! He represented American founders bank. We had a fraud trial date set against American founders bank and $8 million in proven damages! My parents gave an interview with the fbi in Lexington ky. The fdic from Chicago also was present, during the interview it was discovered that American founders bank hid the loans we had with them from the fbi and the fdic! So the fdic guy from Chicago leaked the interview to Scott Rickman. Scott Rickman then called the court and said settlement has been reached! False settlement! We were then taken off court docket, just wondering if Scott acted in this behavior that’s means he knew about the nondisclosure fraud that American founders bank committed against fbi and fdic. Our land 200acres was siezed! Btw! Our neighbor gov. Brereton c Jones was the owner of American founders bank!! Lol! They committed fraud to keep from going to a fraud trial!!! I hope they all rot in hell! Our lawyer tom Miller of Miller Griffin marks in Lexington ky turned on us, we have the emails to prove tom Miller is a liar and also committed malpractice! Kentucky is very corrupt it will never change!


  • Name: Morgan and Pottinger
  • Country: United States
  • State: Kentucky
  • City: Louisville
  • Address: 401 S 4th St #1200
  • Phone: 502-589-2780
  • Website: