This started with a voicemail claiming my husband’s name was associated with a company that owed “their client” $1700+ and we should settle this bill without going to court. | I returned the call and encountered a belligerent joe nelson who said his client was owed money. I explained that he had called a home number he was not to call, and it was public information that my husband was not affiliated with that company. When he became more belligerent, i hung up. He left a voicemail on a friday about two weeks later, saying this was his third communication; he was now using my name and my husband’s name Left on the outgoing home voicemail). He repeated the same demands. The following monday, he called again, only i made the mistake of picking up His number comes through as unlisted). I told him we had already told him that we were unaffiliated with the business, that the phone calls were harassing, and if he continued as such, i would call the police. He then asked if i would like him to hang up so i could call the police? We went back and forth for two more sentences, and i hung up and called the police. While i was speaking with the police, he called back again. The transcript looks as follows: | “uh, My name), would you like me to look up the police department’s number for you? Because i would be delighted to help you with that effort. Um, here’s the thing. You and your husband, Company names), owe my client contractually Amount), and either you or your husband or someone else over there at Company names) and i have a meaningful conversation as to how we are going to get this matter handled, i.E. Paid… Or not. If i don’t hear from you, we will assume you’d prefer litigation and i’d be more than happy to accommodate you, and i need you to verify the best physical address to get you served summons to appear. Please call me right away with this informaiton at 520-277-1136. When calling, please reference account number Account number). Again, this is joe nelson with the offices of morgan, cohen & bach. Looking forward to your call. Thank you.” | I would advise anyone reading this yscam to neither engage joe nelson, if he really is with morgan, cohen & bach, nor respond to his calls. If you engage him for collections, you are likely to end up on the end of a cease and desist harassment lawsuit that will cost you more money than the collection. If you receive phone calls from him, please recognize that his scam is to shakedown people who are intimidated by the threat of litigation. Do not give out any of your private information, like your address, to him. He clearly enjoys attempting to harass and intimidate women.


  • Name: Morgan, Cohen & Bach
  • Country: United States
  • State: Arizona
  • City: Tucson
  • Address: 7225 N Mona Lisa Rd
  • Phone: (520) 442-1303
  • Website: