This company is shrewd and deceptive. Their contract is short and simple…at least that”s what you think when you sign it. They are NEVER at fault. They have built into YOUR Contract an Overages Fund…it amounts to approx. 10 % of your building. You PAID for that. When a Problem arises, 1st they twist it and blame you, and try to charge you again to fix it. If you refuse, they attempt to take it out of their salesman”s commission. His commission comes in stages…the final huge commission is at completion. That is his incentive to make sure you don”t fire their crooked butts. If the overages (your money) account is untouched, the salesman gets that too. They will deny this! 12 Things Morton Buildings Doesn”t Want you to Know! 1.) The contract is set up for you to lose. 2.) The contract states that you will be responsible for ALL COURT COSTS and THEIR LEGAL TEAM. 3.) Your balance due will acquire interest. In 1 year of minor legal battles with them on a $40, 000 balance because you got sick of them and hired a new contractor, your interest and legal fees will exceed $100, 000 !!! 4.) Remember, Morton has VERY DEEP POCKETS. They will hire the $400.00 per hour attorney. Can You? 5.) They will not give you a Materials List for YOUR Building. DEMAND ONE! IN WRITING! PUT IT ON THE CONTRACT! BEFORE YOU SIGN! Demand when that list is due! VERY IMPORTANT! 6.) BLUE PRINTS…DEMAND THEM. PUT IT IN WRITING! DEMAND WHEN IT IS TO BE IN YOUR POSSESSION! 7.) Make sure the Plans are to SCALE! Do not Trust them. DEMAND in WRITING that they are to scale and from an Architect from their company. Then take it to a REAL Architect. DEMAND to see them before money changes hands. 8.) Make sure you have a COMPLETION DATE on the Contract. Also a penalty of a certain amount of money for each day that it goes beyond the specified completion date. Make it high enough…in the hundreds. Trust me, if it ends up in court they have no problem spending $400.00 an hour for an attorney. They were supposed to be done with mine by July 1st. They didn”t even start until end of Sept. DO NOT TRUST THEM! THEY LIE THROUGH THEIR TEETH! 9.) Their contract states that the payments are due by phases. Their various phases are very vague. You need to have IN WRITING what is to be completed in each phase. IMPORTANT! MAKE SURE…the contract states that the particular phase is done to your Liking and Satisfaction! Not theirs. They can have the building roughed in, have different color siding on it and patched together and say that that particular phase is done (but obviously not right) and demand the next hefty payment. They will promise you that certain “Missing” elements are coming and will be done later. 6 weeks later my building which is white had deep tan panels on it. Do not make the mistake I did. They are Shrewd. 10.) TAKE PICTURES! EVERY DAY! Of each wall, of the supplies, etc. From the beginning to the end. Make sure you get photos of the workers. Get their Full Names and titles right from the start. Do not wait. Find out about their experience before you hire them as a team. 11.) On your contract…have it state how many hours they plan to have the building take. They Know! 11.) KEEP TRACK OF THEIR HOURS that they work. You will need it in court. This is very important. 12.) Remember, they will do anything to save their butts. You need to do this also.

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