Other reviewers elsewhere wrote u201cHorrible people operate this place. Have extremely poor etiquette.u201d I can confirm this! I was not aware of the large number of one star reviews when I telephoned to reserve a room advising the clerk Iu2019d be arriving no earlier than 3:30 A.M. It wasnu2019t until I asked about checkout did this very poorly spoken crude sounding individual started with his game playing. He told me I would have to have the room vacated by 11 A.M. I would have been lucky to have gotten 6 hours sleep. It was one of those nights where Motels were readily available and not a reason in the world to want to chase a paying customer out of the room less than 7 hours after renting it. This u201cdisgracefulu201d individual, again who I could barely understand said u201ceveryone does thatu201d! Really? Everyone is that bad of a business person that they would try to herd someone out of the room and create an unhappy customer? Instead, he lost the revenue on the room; which he could have rented again the same day ight to another person even if he had let me stay until 2 P.M. Iu2019m reporting him to Motel Six. And I am going to write several more bad reviews elsewhere. To top things off, I never did get to mention I had an AARP membership which had he inquired would have permitted a 2 P.M. check-out. But no, not this guy. Maybe they do things like that where he comes from but not here. All was not lost. After having read the other reviews I think this disgrace posing as a clerk did me a favor if the cockroaches and bed bugs that others claim have not been exterminated. Stay Away! You have been warned.

120 Independent Blvd Hardeeville, South Carolina USA