So I live in Jacksonville, Florida. A long story short, the dealership talked this company up, they sign me with a 2005 Gsxr 750 valued at 5.1k and payments of 350 a month. That’s fine. Well, two days later, the bike has problems, I return it to the shop, a week later the shop says it’s ready (Cycle Image in Jacksonville, also horrible business), so i pick it up and what happens? A week later, same problem. I take it back to the dealership, dealership holds it for 3 weeks claiming they’re waiting on a part or haven’t gotten to it, they give it back, two weeks later, same problem! So I call motolease, and ask what I have to do to give this bike back, it hasn’t even been a month and it continually has problems. “Not our problem, we financed you the money”. So I go by the shop for the service records, they give me two papers. I ask for a copy of the contract I sign, “you’ll have to come back Monday” (it’s Wednesday). Well no word from anyone so I call motolease, they say I have to pay 5k just to return the bike lol, I look into lawyers and other forms of settling this and what do they do? Report a 12k debt to the credit bureau and now I’m in the hole and my credit is ruined, all because of this scumbag company, do not lease with them, do not sign with the on anything, Motolease is the worst financing company (or company in general) that I have ever encountered. They deserve to be locked up.


  • Name: MotoLease
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Los Angeles
  • Address: 10866 Wilshire Boulevard 5th Floor
  • Phone: 844-466-8653
  • Website: