The website does have a large selection of parts needed for my ATV and for ATV riding. However, worst customer service ever, as well as false advertising. Here is my story: They advertised a tire and wheel package. Meaning if I purhased a tire, and wheel (the rim the tire goes on) together, they would come mounted (the tire would be delivered on the wheel). So I went ahead and purchased 2 tires and 2 wheels, assuming they would come ready to put on my ATV. I received a cal from Josh, after my item shipped. He said that due to an error, they tires were shipped not mounted on the wheels. So I would be receiving 2 wheels and 2 tires separate. Admirably, he said if I got them mounted at a shop, to call him and would pay for it. So I thought that was cool. However, after paying $50 to have them mounted, in which they ended up deflating, but that is another story, I called Josh numerous times. He never answered, never returned my messages. I called Motosport asking for Josh, he was never available. I asked other customer service reps, and they said I would have to talk to Josh. I even faxed them the invoice on numerous occasions. I called and faxed for about 2 months. In the end, I never got what I paid for, and was lied to. Will never buy from them again and would recommend nobody else does. At least they could have manned up to their mistake.

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