I am a Vero Beach native who is very aware of this company or companies… I know many trucking companies and owner/operators (friends and family) who have had nothing but problems trying to get paid for hauling product for the owner of this company. Bounced checks, late checks, excuses, lies…. that’s ALL you will get! Let me make this clear. The person who started the company in 2004, Shelley Corkran, is the same person still running it. The following is the history, as I have seen, for Mountain Stone Gravel: Shelley Corkran, now Shelley Brown, started Stone Mountain Gravel in 2004. However, after years of using her business bank account as a personal account, she became unable to pay a large amount of her bills. Her other company, Stone Mountain Trucking, flatlined and caused her parent’s to file for bankruptcy for over 1 million dollars a few years later. To avoid taking care of the bills incurred by Stone Mountain Gravel, she then moved to a new location just down the road and created a “new company””

SMG Corp. This was late 2010/early 2011. This confused me and many other locals until we found out the truth. The new location seemed to be going along fine and then product started becoming unavailable or had a “”long wait list””. Shelley had one person running the yard most times. Regardless of the positive things I was told by those that worked there

I knew something was odd. In 2014 I was informed of yet another new name for the “”new company”” and “”new owners””

Mountain Stone Gravel. Now this seemed odd as ALL the same people were working there. The only difference that I saw was that Shelley started spending a lot of time with a man that seemed to be at their location almost every time I stopped by in the afternoons. Picking up bags of rock and different products for multiple weeks on end

it seemed this man was there but never working. Knowing that men have never consistently worked/been seen there