Complaint: I took my dachshund to Mtn view on 5-9-11 for fox tails in both ears they charged me $561.01 to take them out of her ears.They insisted she needed anesthesia to be able to remove them.Every thing they did to her was separate.On 5-24-11 my dachshund got fox tails again in her ears.I did not want to take her back to Mtn view for fear of the cost.So I took her to another local small animal vet and they removed the fox tails with no anesthesia, with no problem and charged me $57.50.What a huge difference.Wouldn’t you say Mtn view is just ripping customers off.They really need to be brought out in the public media to be exposed so they don’t continue to do this to other dog owners.SincerlyDebbie

Tags: Sales People

Address: 151 Diamond Drive Lake Elsinore, California United States of America


Phone: 951-674-1475