The Worst Solar Company in West Virginia!

I made a grave mistake by buying solar panels from Mountain View Solar LLC. I read a few Mountain View Solar reviews online and thought they were an excellent solar company, but they turned out to be a disaster. One of the sales executives talked me into buying the panels. He claimed that I would be saving thousands of dollars in the long term and this investment will be the “best home investment” of my life. I was easily convinced and decided to get solar panels for my house. During the start of the process, the Mountain View staff was really helpful and the process was smooth, however as soon as they started the installation process, it became impossible to get a moment of peace. Their installation staff was running on my house’s rooftop in tennis shoes, talking loudly and overall being a$$holes. They did not give a fcku about anything. However, this was not the worst thing that happened. THE PANELS STOPPED WORKING PROPERLY IN 3 MONTHS! They were not making the energy they were supposed to make. I contacted the Mountain View Solar’s customer support and told them to do something about the issue. They told me that it must be a cleaning issue and some dusting should do the trick. I have a 3 story home and the installers never asked me about it or even mentioned it was going to matter. Mountain View Solar LLC should be closed down! There are fricking leaks in my roof and the company is saying they didn’t do it. My roof is only 8 years old. The insurance guys from USAA are saying it will not be covered. I’ve a bill of $25,000 on my head now and Mountain View Solar has refused to take ANY responsibility of the damages they’ve done! Their contract is just horrible and as a doctor myself, I couldn’t be more ashamed of myself for not seeing through their sham.

Run away from this pathetic company!

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