My complaint is regading a Freedom PMG / wind turbine we purchased off of e bay call the Freedom II wind turbine from “mountain wind trading company”” This appear to be a shell company for Missouri wind and solar to hide customer from all of the terrible review about the company. The wind turbine produces less than one third of the advertised power and seldom over even 100 watts. The owners of this company are rude and dishonest and essentially just cussed us out and refused to assist us. This company has tons of internet and BBB complaints and appears to try and hide this form the general public with a lot of paid promotions from “”contest winners”” on youtube

The product will not even turn unlessthe wind blows over 15 mph and produces little or no power unless the wind is over 20. The owner of this company tries to bring credibilty to the product by building a “”wind tunnell”” with a “”swamp boat”” In summary we have had a poor experience and found these things out after doing further research after getting burned. You have been warned read the reviews past page one of paid testimonials to find the real truth”