HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE! Did I say HORRIBLE?! If you value your money, you value NOT getting ripped off, deceived and lied to and you value your belongings and don’t want them ALL being completely decimated, don’t ever, ever, ever deal with Moving APT or Most Valuable Movers, ever! Where do I begin? First, let me state I’m disabled & on a fixed income & stated so to these people. I got off the phone with what in hindsight, appeared to be a decent moving company who was talking to me straight about what I had to do, i.e., not being able to leave anything in drawers, etc., and talked gto this woman at Moving APT …I was wrong. | First, I was not aware they are not a moving company, they are some type of broker. Anyway, she told me that I did not have to remove items from the drawers of my bureaus, perfect I thought and I started reloading everything back I had already taken out. | …….she said I could put pillows and clothing back in, no books. Ok. I then proceeded to measure every single item I was to have shipped, took clothes out of luggage & repacked, put boxes and things in my dog crate, did exactly as she told me, which turned out be such a complete & total waste of time I desperately needed, and being disabled with Spondylolisthesis osteoarthritis in my spine and back, arthritis in both of my feet and wrist, this was a strain & very difficult, but we went over each and every thing that was being shipped & I was quoted a price, looked at the final inventory saw the final price $948 upon pick up $948 upon delivery with a $1045 deposited electronically I believe it was approximately that much. Ok then. This woman also made a point of telling me not to inform any of the moving companies who would probably still be calling that I had decided to go pick Moving APT because they would get mad and give out my personal information… In hindsight now I realize that she only told me this so no one would inform me of the fact they were brokers and not an actual moving company. I spoke with Mario at Moving APT and I told them I had some things that I already spoken to this woman, Veeka Marshall, about what I needed removed.. We went over the removed items and he said he was going to send me a list of everything, my revised final inventory and I was supposed to sign electronically. I never received it, even after asking again and again continually for it, but it never came. As a matter fact, I never personally received anything. | I left Philadelphia early Tuesday morning,10/20 got to Phoenix Arizona and waited for my belongings to be delivered. Early Wednesday morning 10/21, about 5:45 AM here in Phoenix Arizona I receive a phone call from the driver I could barely understand him, I didn’t understand one thing & he was rude. I said ok, fine my ex will come to the house and you can load everything on the truck I said and it’s going to be $948 now and another $948 upon delivery immediately he said no, no, no, no, no he said, I have to see first, I have to see first. Red warning lights and bells went going off in my head mediately because I knew I was about to get ripped off. That $948 suddenly jumped to $1,400 to pick up & another $1,400 to deliver before he even touched or weighed one thing.. I said no, absolutely not! I called Moving APT, who I still assumed was the moving company & was told by their rep I could get another driver… Great, then my ex called said they were working it out.. I later found out they left behind and off many items that were on my list/final inventory and he still paid over $1,000 and I was extremely upset.. Then I was informed now it would be 7-21 days before they delivered anything and I went ballistic and demanded faster service. I still had no idea Most Valuable Movers was the actual company handling my items. | Fast forward, received a phone from this driver on 10/29 saying the items they did manage to bring from Philadelphia to Phoenix will be delivered between 8 AM 11:00 AM on 10/30, they actually got here approximately 1:30 PM…that after calling Moving APT to find out when the items they did bring would actually arrive. He also stated that they needed to be paid with a postal money order, not just any money order but it had to be a postal money order in the amount of $1096, it couldn’t be direct deposited, it couldn’t be done electronically like it been done before, it had to be a postal money order. One of my kind neighbors, who is been a savior was able to drive me to a post office because I don’t have a car here in Phoenix yet to get these two money orders because they only go $1,000. I then call Moving APT to find out exactly who these money orders were to be made out to, APT or Most Valuable Movers.. No one could tell me, I had to wait for the driver to get here to find out. I call most valuable movers but every time I call Most Valuable they never answer, you can’t get through when you press 0 for the operator it goes right back to the recorded message. Again red warning lights went off… The same driver arrived that I spoke to on the phone who had such a bad attitude and I could still barely understand… First off the money orders had to be made out to him personally, strange..and he proceeded to tell me that they were normally charge $75 for more the seven steps… Seven steps isn’t even a staircase and I have 13, but he claimed to waive that fee. They left huge mounds of trash in front of my neighbors space, and even threw in their empty water bottles and trash for good measure… | This, after I asked him to walk a few steps over and place the stuff in the dumpster, but they refused….did I mention that I’m disabled? Upon inspection of my belongings I was in tears cracked screen on 40 inch flatscreen television, busted lamps and shades, busted tower fan, completely busted out drawer of my nightstand in my bedroom when I opened it it fell down into the other drawer. They lost the screws to my headboard that no longer attaches, had the nerve to ask me if I had the screws.. I was in Phoenix when they themselves took the bed apart. I had to push my headboard against the wall and also I had put in screws that they neglected to tighten so my bed would not fall to the floor and/or put back in at all when they “put the bed back together” they got paid for and charged me for all this stuff. Scratches and bangs on just about everything in my bedroom. The metal plate to connect my sectional red sofa is broken also. I cannot count the number of broken dishes, art and other broken items, and I haven’t even finished going through half of the boxes and crates. I will add pictures. They also charged me for packing things that were already packed they put some tape around the crates and boxes that were already taped and brought things that were taken off my final inventory. Plus, I still have my items I need desperately from my final inventory they left sitting in my house I just sold in Philadelphia. | I need those items delivered to me ASAP and I fear this is another expense I’m going to incur because of these scam artists who are only out to take advantage of unsuspecting people. Also, upon looking for my paperwork and receipts, the driver stole my copies of everything off of my kitchen counter before he left… It is absolutely no where to be found now. I friend sent me a news story Channel 5 in AZ in 2014 when they were caught red handed. Same, company same scams.. They apparently go by different names also. Moving APT attempted to offer $250. 00 for my troubles if I sign agreement and clam they’re personally handing my clam for damages..I refused and I don’t believe a word they say.. They’re also threatened to not honor my damages because I don’t have all the information and paperwork because their driver stole it. They have deceived, scammed, cheated and lied to me from the very beginning and being disabled. | Now the likes to the AZ Attorney General claiming this was so amicably.. I had to fax a letter back to you turning generals office letting them know it has not been so amicably I have yet to become peseta for any of my losses. The last straw was when I sent an email to their claims office CSI claims trying to find out what was going on as it’s been over 120 days. The response I got is they are requesting an additional 30 days because most valuable movers (The company they brokered my move, unbeknownst to me, out to) has not sent in the needed paperwork. ABSOLUTELY NOT! |


  • Name: MovingAPT
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Miami Beach
  • Address: 1205 Lincoln Rd #204
  • Phone: 800-360-0037
  • Website: www.movingapt.com/