Movolo SIA claims to be an Online traveling agency that hasnbeen hiring various prospective applicants in Riga (Latvia) from Estonia,nAISEC, India, including United Kingdom and U.S Citizens. The company wasnfounded by Italians Andrea Risa and Mauro Montanaro and have been recruitingnrecent graduates in Old Town Riga and have been lurking their recruitingnletters to universities around the Baltic States.n(((link redacted)))nThe company is located in Kalku Iela 7 Last floor. n- The Company is hiring people without Contract. n- Movolo claims to offer a wage between 450-600 lats, but in some cases thenwage is 400 Lats or Nothing at all. n- Movolo expects employees to work “200%”” including working onnweekends with no raise or bonus.n- If a disgruntled employee leaves Movolo but has not received his or her lastnpay cheque

it is likely that the last pay will not be sent as it will benargued and “”negotiated”” to justify why they have not being paid.n- Movolo does not provide Working Permits to Non-EU applicants despite that itnwould guarantee it.n- Movolo’s working hours is not a typical 9 to 6 shift

and usually urge peoplento stay longer with no extra hour wages. n- Movolo’s Andrea Risa would “”hire”” people without contract andnexpect them to work full time while he would claim that he would pay themnafterward

but eventually won’t pay anything at all. n- In some case

it was said that would hire people to do work atnhome without getting paid. And they would be expected to report daily andnperform “”150%”” in their work. This approach was made in order tonavoid being regulated by the Government officials such as the PMLP. nIf you are a corporation that is in the point of making a negotiation or anrecently graduated University student in the Baltics whose unemploymentnsituation is nil: You have been warned.CLICK here to see why Ripoff Scams