Please Be Aware of these individuals. They have abandoned their children and have no regard for anyone. They claim to be Tattoo Artist while using elborate stories to bait their victims. They actually have a drug habit (((REDACTED – VIOLATON IN TERMS OF SERVICE))) Furthermore, the people in his company are also less then low lifes. They are transcient while moving in with people with the promise of paying rent , but either flees with out prior notification , before rent is due or relies on the Squatters Law to bully his way into taking over your condo. They will eat up your food while never bringing anything to the table , besides his hungry begging a*s. He is a predator while his accomplises are usually women who he can manipulate. He uses unsuspecting females as his wife to intrude upon your life. The females which accompany him have very little intelligence and are easily manipulated with very little going for them. | Begging is their only occupation. While they have no food the poor dog is left hungry, these deviants are useless leeches. He will leech his way into anyones home. He doesnt discriminate. He claims to be a tatto artist while having nothing to show. He also has a cocaine habit. He moves from one victim to another unril they get tired , while realizing their going no where invading other peoples space.


  • Name: Mr.Franklyn Hardy
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
  • City: Bessemer
  • Address:
  • Phone:
  • Website: