Complaint: Bought my vehicle in with obvious transmission problems as the transmission locked up. I paid over $3,200 for this work. On the way home my overdrive light started flashing and transmission fluid began to leak out. Had it towed back and they kept the car for another few weeks and told me I had an engine problem overheating my transmision. I found that to be strange as I had driven over the Smokey Mountain Range 3 weeks prior to breaking down and had no problems with overheating. They claimed they found a wiring problem with my engine coolant sensor and that was making the engine heat up. They suggested a local shop to fix it. Of course they told me that there was no need to come by at this time as they would get it over there. I picked it up and seen that the temp gauge was not working. I went back in and found out that the wiring the shop fixed was due to the car not being able to run. They also told me the temp gauge was out when they got the car. I started driving home and the overdrive light came on and transmission fluid started to leak. I was forced to take it to Ford. My transmission had the wrong dipstick, was overfilled by 5 quarts and the trans cooler that Mr. Transmission was way too small. I demand reimbursement for expense including my rental car, repairs from Ford, and more! Andrew Cartersville, GeorgiaU.S.A.

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