This company initially sent me something different from what I ordered. I vowed never to deal with them again, but alas they gripped me by the credit card. nWithout my permission they began to bill me once a month as if I had a subscription. Why? I never receieved anything. nI buy a lot of DVDS and CDs from used dealers around the country so I didn’t notice until it was too late. nMy credit card company is currently disputing the charges but apparently they can’t block a company from billing you without doing all this paperwork. nI’m getting every cent back from these liars and thieves who insult honest American businesses. nThey say the terrorists hate Americans for our business tactics abroad–well, why does MRA video want to give those bastards another (albet small-scale) reason!! nBmnBuffalo, New York

GGW/MRA Video, P.O. Box 150, Hollywood, CA 90078 Hollywood, California U.S.A.


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