I have decided after long debate to make public my experience with mrazovac k9 so hopefully no one else will have to go through what my family went through when dealing with these crooks. We purchased 2 cane corsos from mrazovac k9 I”m December 2013. One male and one female. They were bob to be sent to us in December of 2013 but this did not happen. I January they sent us the female who was already so sick upon arrival in Canada. She had to immediately go on antibiotics for an infection in her uterus and after many round of antibiotics we finally had to spay her and remove all of the infection which cost over 3000$ in vets bills. Obviously when you send a sick dog you should stand by your agreement and reimburse for the costs or offer some sort of remedy for this situation. She also had a serious miniscus injury and this cost us 5000$ to fix. All of these issues happening in her first few months here. I sent them all the bills for the surgeries and they wouldn”t give us any money towards it. They told me they would send me a replacement dog but wanted me to keep her because she was obviously useless to them. It”s now been 2 years and they have not sent me the replacement dog for her. Back to the male corso. We agreed that mrazovac would instead bring him in March 2013 and train us with the dog so that we would properly know how to handle him. We paid for him and his wife to fly to Canada to train us. They arrived without our dog and told us he got heat exhaustion last minute and was under the vets care and couldn”t travel but not to worry he would be returning with the dog in a month at his own expense. As you can imagine this day never came and after many emails freaking out and wanting my money back he finally sent me the dog at the end of August. This dog was supposed to have the best training and therefore we paid twice as much as the female dog who only had level 2 training. When he finally arrived we didn”t do any bite work or any sort of agitation at all for many months. We just tried to bond with him and make him comfortable with us. He was a shaking nervous reck from day one and wouldn”t even come near us for pets. He spent all his time hiding under my bed, in his crate anywhere he could hide and he would shake whenever you looked at him. After a few months we tried to get him to do the watch command when someone was knocking at the door and he ran and hid under my bed. We gave him some time and figured he just wasn”t ready yet and tried the next time outside and again he ran and hid behind my shed. I have tried for over a year since we have received this dog to get them to honour our agreement which was a working dog that was going to protect our family. They have told us many times they would replace him as well as the female and this has never happened. They have never given us a penny back or anything towards the sick dog they sent us They sent us a broken dog who will not even protect his own self. They do not stand by their dogs what so ever and will do nothing to try to fix the problem. At this point they have completely scammed us into purchasing dogs to protect us and have sent us family pets. Do not buy from mrazovac k9 they are the worst internet scam out there. They take advantage of people”s vulnerability and send them useless dogs.

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