I purchase a jawbone headset from you on 01/08/09, I received my item on 01/15/09. For the last two weeks I have tried to pair it with my phone to no success following the instructions that came with the ear piece. I decided to take the ear piece and my phone to an AT&T store to have them pair it. I was told it was broken, they could not tell if it was in fact defective. When pairing the ear piece with my phone, the ear piece is supposed to light red then white, mine does not do this. nI sent it back to you end of January and was told a new one would be sent out. A replacement was shipped to me on 02/28/09 which I received 03/23/09. Again, I have the same problem, I cannot pair with my phone. Again I took it to the AT&T store near my house and was informed it broken or defective. I returning this item on (04/23/09) for a complete refund. You received (04/28/09). It has taken over four months to resolve this issue and I still don’t have a working jawbone. I have tried to contact you via phone and your website to no response. I have placed a dispute with paypal (04/29/09) and put in a fraud claim with my credit card company I had hoped to resolve this but its not getting resolved at all. I am due $75.98 purchase price and $7.75 return shipping twice. nImgianoakland, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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