Complaint: I was contacted via text message by a Mrs. Tamara. They stated that they had found me on the internet through Houzz. First red flag is that they did not email me through the houzz emailing system or call me on the phone. They stated that they would be moving from London to Riverdale Ca. They sent at least a dozen photos of furniture, accessories, rugs, etc. and a list of all items that I would be expected to install and situate in their new home. They asked for my address and stated that they would send a cachier’s check for payment and wnated to get it done in the next few weeks. I never gave out that information. Many red flags but I continued to correspond because I wanted to see how far they would go. They then sent a dozen photos of empty rooms in a very nice home. They sent the address and when I looked it up online I found that the home was for rent and pictures weren’t even close to the ones they sent me. Correspondence stopped when I asked to speak with someone over the phone. I can see how someone might get taken in, very detailed emails. This was potentially a several thousand dollar project and I just hope that everyone is cautious when dealing with transcations via the internet. If something smells fishy it probably is!

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