Working with Venita has been a nightmare! Our honeymoon was ruined and we left 6 days early because of the filthy and uncomfortable hotels she booked us. Venita doesnu2019t care to help and she is unresponsive. We are still waiting to get refunded for the remainder of our trip. Venita has no idea what sheu2019s doing. Iu2019ve attached screenshots of an email she sent me stating that the reason we didnu2019t get rooms by the beach in Amalfi Coast is because they started at u201c$2000 MINIMUMu201d Upon doing my own research I found out at least 30 hotels on the beach going between $150-350 on average. When I sent it to her I didnu2019t even get a reply back same with about 5 other emails because she had nothing to say. I spent an additional $2500 to leave Italy and go to Greece because we were so disgusted with the hotel she booked us 30 minutes up in the mountains with constant left and right turns. Venita also insulted my budget for my trip saying that this is what happens when you want to go to Europe on a $10,500 budget (attached). Who says that?!? After doing all the research myself I could have booked this trip myself for less than my budget and stayed at high-end hotels. To make matters worse Venita insulted me in person saying that I am a Realtor and I have money to spend, she said this when I told her about my $10K budget trying to squeeze a lot more out of me by adding things left and right to the trip. Venita doesnu2019t want to take accountability for ANYTHING and has an excuse for everything. She likes to argue and insult instead of finding a solution. She never mentioned that American Airlines charges to reschedule your flight (because we left 6 days early I changed my flight I had to pay over $1000 for that as well) She also said she was going to work on refunds for the tours, hotel nights, and car services we didnu2019t use and we never heard back from here like all the other emails. She gave us tour tickers at 3PM for a 9AM same day tour and I had to pay $117 for additional tickets. She said she was going to everything to make this right and she didnu2019t do a thing about anything. I have attached a screenshot of her text to me as well, it shows you she doesnu2019t even care to work for me and help me get refunded the rest of the trip. I asked the hotel I was staying at and they told me they confirmed they can refund the remainder of the nights. Her response is attached saying that it’s not possible. Thereu2019s so much more I can say, this is the half of it. HIGHLY ADVISE YOU TO STAY AWAY. Working with Venita was an absolute disaster and our honeymoon was ruined, I’ve never felt worse in my life! Never again will I use her agency for booking my future travels. Be cautious of other reviews you see most are by family or friends!

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