This is a scam they are suppose to give acoomondations for people with disabilities and they make up


My Complaint: Each year people fail this test because of the language barriers or they don’t give enough time for someone to pass this test. Unfortunately the test also does not stipulate what accommodations someone needs on their medical records to get extra time. I know someone who took the test 10 times and failed by one point, the problem was she was not an English speaking person this test has destroyed many wonderful teachers. someone needs investigate this unless done quickly more teachers will not become teachers because of this test. They’re making a fortune. A person with a disability will not be able to pass this test also a person who has English as a second language would not be able to pass this test. We need to stand up and fight to change his test.


My Demand: I would like this test investigated by someone who is learning disabled or uses English as a second language.