Complaint: MTF Relocation Inc. gave me a quote of $345 for my piano move. When it came time for me to pay to get my piano I was told I had to pay an additional charge of $345 because I changed the date of the move, but I was never told that I would be charged for this, in fact when I called to change the date MTF Relocation Inc. told me there’s no problem for changing the date. They told me if I want my piano I had to pay the full amount of $690 + other misc. charges around $790!! I told them that this was ridiculous but I was told if I wanted my piano back I HAVE to pay them $790. I couldn’t do anything about it since they had my piano and couldn’t afford it at that time, so I asked them to store my piano for me, but this time I asked MTF Relocation Inc. to give me what the total cost for the delivery of my piano would be, once I’m ready to get my piano delivered? They told me $790 I asked them if they are sure about this they said yes. When I finally asked MTF Relocation Inc. to deliver my piano and was ready to pay them by credit card, because this is the way I’ve been paying them for my monthly storage fees, I was told I had to pay $1190. I told them that was not the agreement but MTF Relocation Inc. told me that they had to charge me an additional $200 for packaging and another $200 for labor and if I want my piano I had to pay the full amount in cash on the date of the delivery if I want my piano. Out of frustration I asked Camika the receptionist, since I’m now forced to pay this ridiculous amount than this must mean my piano should be in great condition right and if there’s anything that happened to my piano that I’ll have to ask them to pay me back this $200? Camika told me of course. The movers told me that I needed to pay them the full amount in cash before they would bring up my piano. I paid them. But when they brought it to my house there’s 1 leg missing and damages on the piano. They told me to send them the receipt so I could be fully refunded but when I sent it they refused to pay it in full and I was told if I went to their claims department I will only get $12. I was told that going to court is futile and the owner will contact me when he comes back to the country. This was 2 months ago. I am now in the process of suing them in court for the damages done to my piano, loss of antique value to the piano , double charging, $200 packaging fees, court filing fees and whatever else I can add on to sue MTF Relocation Inc.. They are Very unprofessional and will take advantage of you.

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Address: 93 Avalon Dr Santa Clara, California United States of America