I havent suffered at the hands of this b*****d like most of the complaintants have I managed to do deep research because I can’t afford to loose money or to be taken I just stumblled on this web site just before i was going to give this guy my financials. I am glad i found this But can’t believe this guy is still out in public scamming people like he has and for so long and for so many years… Life is hard as it is… Dont need to be deceived on getting a great paying job to find out it is falsely presented to accually scam or fraud people out of their savings and or vehicles to furnish their fleet at the cost of others dollars.. Because in previous reports i read Jean confiscates the vehicle to resell it who does he resell it too and how much of a discount is his buyers getting because the people hes taking them from have made some payments??? I almost went through with it till I read the previous complaints running as far bac as I have see so far as 2009 he is currently been operating out of an old address he used to one of the other trucking names he used he is currently at 2680 Matheson Blvd E Suite 102 I can’t believe this guy continues doing this scam and frauding people,,, I am a struggling single Father trying to raise my two Children if I hadn’t come across this site and complaints I would have proceeded with this guy and lost my shirt and be homeless because of this guy’s lies.. Please stop him permantly.. I am trying to Find Good Honest Work that pays good and to better my life and my Kids He has lied and trying to Fraud me


  • Name: MtsStar.com
  • Country: Canada
  • State:
  • City: Mississauga, Ontario
  • Address: 2680 Matheson Boulevard East Suite 102
  • Phone: (905) 267 3422
  • Website: mtsstar.com/