John “Jay” Walter Brummitt, Stephanie Brummett, and Gilbert Cantu all should not be trusted with anything, not your money, not your friendship or trust, and not your children. The three are all scam artists that work together. They are thieves, liars, and crooks to put it nicely. They will lie and steal from you even if you’ve been friends for years, they are only after your money or what you have. To put this short and simple, John “Jay” Brummett under the company name of MultiScope Services signed a remodeling contract on our house. When they actually provided any service it was slow, usually only one person, and any all work was sub par work provided by illegals, drug addicts, and felons. John “Jay” Brummett took $50k, did not provide the contracted services, “worked” on our property for several months providing sub par services which all had to be redone, damaged the structural integrity of our house, and would not return unused money or complete the contracted work. All parties refused to communicate with us after they were confronted with everything they had done. John “Jay” Brummett, Stephanie Brummett, and Gilbert Cantu use several different business names at a time and close off business names after they get caught and open up a new one to scam more people. Don’t trust these liars and thieves with anything you don’t want taken from you. They use the address of 518 E College St, Gunter, Texas 75058 and MultiScope Services 2640 Northaven Road Suite 105, Dallas, Texas 75229 469-344-3070 or 214-274-8092


  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Gunter
  • Address: 518 E College St,
  • Phone: 214-274-8092
  • Website: