THE MORE COMPLAINTS SENT TO THESE AGENCIES THE BETTER GO TO YOUR BANK AND FILE FOR FRAUDULENT AND AUTHORIZED PAYMENT REFUND I too went to to purchase a 30 day lightening kit as a guest, i did not make a customer profile I was automatically charged.In my first phone call Patrick went to his manager after i threatened to complain to FTC for not wanting to give me a full refund and admitted i didn”t auto enroll. I thought i was done. i went to send the package off and had to pay 10 for shipping and handling. Well, not that $10 is going to break me, but i sure do not work to fill the pockets of filthy greedy corporate pigs by means of unethical business practices. I have gone through and recorded the ordering process. The site i bought from does not give an option for auto enroll. My receipts have no proof of auto enroll either. I called a second time to request a reimbursement of the postage and handling(it”s the principle) Sergio, tried really hard to convince me that I was wrong, while they were giving me numbers and information on a completely different order. At one point he the said i was getting a $128 refund. the honest person that i am i corrected him, I just wanted what i deserved. Sergio then decides hes tired of trying to keep his lies strait and then tells me policy is so strict that i will not get my full refund and i can forget about the postage they are charging me for that(approx $20 lost) WTF?? I DO NOT recommend purchasing from this site. contact the agencies above. FTC IS most aggressive.

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