I purchased a car from Murphys February 2016 i drove the car home notice that i could not lock or unlock doors on the car so i contacted sales man Denny to let him know he said it was probably the batteries in the key chain no big deal so i took it to the place he suggested was told its not the battery i need a new key 300 it would he said dont worry ill take care of it great so 2 days later my car is dead im thinking the alarm wiring is killing my battery so he tells me bring the car in it takes a entire week to get this car back mind u i just bought it i notice that everytime i push it goes dead so i refuse to lock my car i just say forget it because when i bring it to his attention he says well we didnt know there was a problem we dont check the cars we sell them wow ok moving on a couple days later i notice a crack on windshield where the tint is i bring this up to him aswell sorry nothing we can do fine ill deal with it until i get it replaced as long as my car runs im cool moving right along i forgot to mention i work from home so i only drive to run to store or locally as i have. The car im noticing that something keeps killing my battery i call AAA out they do test say onlything system is showing i need battery so i spend $150 for new battery i begin driving the car for about 30 min on highway this is November 27th 2016 red battery light comes on my steering wheel locks up as if the car is turned off i drift off exit car is smoking i pay 165 to have car towed home i pay 250 to rent a car i pay 125 to have my car towed to my garage i trust they say i need a idle pully belt 234.18 including labor i also need radiator hose 173.52 thays a total of 407.70 i pay i get the car next day car dead i take back to shop they say i now need an aux battery under the hood which is 100 and a new radiator 600 including labor fine its a used car this was my first time really taking it for a distance. Drive had i been driving it 2 n from work it woild have did this sooner but again i work from home so i didnt have to do much driving i call Scott. And tell him whats going on and how much money im spending on this car so je says to call Auto max they will give you a cheaper price which i do and i have car towed. There i pay $508 to fix everything go to get my car drive for 10 min and i break down engine lights on smoke everywhere car wont move they send there tow truck that works for them to come get the car i sit there for 2hrs they still didnt look at my car so i get a lift back home couple days later told car is ready i go get it drive home next day i go to get in the car is dead i call the shop right away they say bring it back we will take a look at it i have the car towed again thats when i get a call 2 days later we put in spark plugs did an oil change the dip stick for the oil was missing but we dont know whats killing your battery we dont do electrical work and to be honest with you i think Scott over at Murphy’s sold you a dud(Lemon) i go get my car caise he says its running and there is nothing more we can do for this car i get to the shop they give me the key and the car is dead i have to get a jump to leave the shop Murphys manager Scott sent me to where i just paid all this money for nothing now thorough my tears and frustration i call Scott to see if he has any solution like maybe offer to switch the car or a buy out something but this guy has an attitude like hes the one paying every month for a car that he cant drive and has spent all this money n car still doesnt work im saying to myself this is just crazy n plain wrong for some odd reason he decides to call and say he will send a tow truck to get my car so he can get to the bottom of whats going on now that sounded great like he is now seeing what im being told by his garage he sent me to they come tow January 30th the car no one calls me and says anything car has been gone about a week i decided to call because the secretary of Murphy’s leaves a message on my ph saying the name of the place they took my car the guy at Carolina Imports says i sent Scott a 5 page report of all the electrical things that are wrong with the car i say a 5 page report so he says yes and each thing has a price i cant give you atotal number on how much it will cost but i can tell you there was a problem with the cd player that is killing the battery so i disconnected the radio and cd player and that right ther will be $500 just for that so im waiting for scott to get back and tell me if he wants me to continue fixing everything and the lights need to be ficed aswell i said ok thanks got off ph just waiting for Scott to call so i can see what hes going to say it is Tusday February 7th i get a call from the receptionist who says the shop says your cd player and radio. Was killing the battery so they disconnected it and you owe $478.24 i said hold up is Scott there because we didn’t have any discussion about me paying for anything hes the one who said he was having the car towed and going to get to the bottom of whats going on she says very smart to me (well you wanted a car that runs right the radio no longer works but they got it running) im trying to remain calm because i just dont get the attitFebrim the one thats going through this stuff so if anyone should be talking nasty or with an attitude it should be me but i dont say amything i just say would you please have scott to call me an of corse hes no where to be found i have always thought that you get an ok from the person who has to pay for the service before you give the ok to fix it mind u i had an appt set for my garage Thursday February 2nd 2017 that would cost me $25 for them to tell me whats killing my battery they would call give me a price to fix it and i would let them know if i want to pay for them to fix it no way no how would i agree to pay $478.24 for someone to disconnect a radio they must really think im stupid the nerve of this place it has been a nightmare from the start I will let everyone know how i have been treated by Murphy’s. Until they change how they do business this is just unacceptable the car i got looked good but its a total Lemon


  • Name: Murphy Motor Co
  • Country: United States
  • State: North Carolina
  • City: Raleigh
  • Address: 2501 Capital Blvd
  • Phone: 919-828-1115
  • Website: www.murphymotorco.com/