I recently logged in to Musician’s Friend with the intent of placing an order online. When I did so, I discovered that an order had actually been placed without my knowledge, and several details of my profile had been changed. While I am a male living in Florida, my account now listed me as a female living in Oregon. Thankfully, they had used a different credit card to place the order, but there were still a lot of questions here. How had they accessed my account? Why were my profile details changed? Could I be sure that whoever used my account had not in fact obtained my personal information and credit card details? So, I called the Musician’s Friend customer service line in search of answers. The first person I spoke with, named Alex, agreed that the situaton was quite odd. After verifying that I was indeed the actual person associated with this account (luckily, I had been a customer for quite some time and there was an order history to help confirm my identity), he put me on hold in order to consult a manager regarding the issue. He returned with a couple of possibilities: first, someone could have hacked my account; second, the system could have “randomly logged someone in to my account””. !!??!??!??!? Option B set off serious alarm bells

and at this point I simply wished to have my account removed. Alex was unable to set that in motion

and at that point backpedaled

stating that the issue of someone being randomly logged in to someone else’s account had only ever happened once. One time is really one time too many for an issue like that

and I wanted to speak to a manager. A manager came on the line (I meant to write down his name