This school has 2 main courses – Audio Engineering and Music Technology. I enrolled for the Music Technology course. I was initially informed that the first semester would be common for both the courses. As for the next semester, we would be admitted to the Music Technology course, based on our musical aptitude. But we would be given the final choice to pursue the same. All things were fine during the initial phase. | Come next semester, they found that I was lacking the sufficient musicality and suggested me to pursue the Audio course. It was a bit disheartening, but nevertheless, I prepared my mind to take up the same. Unfortunately, many of the classes didn’t happen as scheduled. I thought of going back to the Music course at least, but frankly nothing was happening there too. It was just a namesake course to pull in the crowd. Except for once-in-a-blue-moon guest lectures, there were no additional classes. Only 1 student was permitted in the Music course, and since he had a lot of prior experience, he was able to sail through. | I was stuck in the middle. I couldn’t pursue my first love – Music, and neither could I pursue the speciality course, i.e. Audio the institute claimed to offer. Above all, they didn’t help with job placements too. At least, the staff should have the basic courtesy towards students, even if they are not teaching stuff properly. But, they behaved rude all the time. | Note – The above facts are all my personal experiences with the institute during my time of study.


  • Name: Muzik Lounge School of Audio Technology
  • Country: India
  • State: Tamil Nadu
  • City: Chennai
  • Address: 23, Kumaran Colony Main Road, Vadapalani
  • Phone: 044 4204 8404
  • Website: