Complaint: I usually buybooks from Amazon as a stdent. So seeing a survey to applaud the company, I was led to a rewards page to choose something whcih I thought was a gift. I choose a watch and had to Pay $6.99 for shipping. On visiting my Chase account I found out that they took money out for a necklace that I did not order for – shipping $5.99 and also $6.99 for the watch. I called the company and told them I did not need the necklace, they sent it anyway. At this time I was not told that this was going to be a recurring payment. They went into my account and took out $99.85. I asked my bank to investigate in which they gave me a temporary refund. Now the bank is going to reverse the credit, and I will have to pay for this watch and necklace that did not even value $99.85. I am very disappointed because I thought I was getting a reward; but their was nothing there to tell the unsupecting customer that they were being tricked into a scam. On following up on this scam I see where the customer is not allowed to send back any merchandise. So whichever way you take it you are the loser. I am requesting an investigation into this matter; so as to prevent others from being tricked. Regna P

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