Afterndoing some research found the company has two other websites they going bynwhich are; www.MagicalDreamEscapesInc.comnand . The isnthe web site that is on the front of the voucher package that was received innthe mail, in which it is inoperable. is anwebsite given by the Reservations Desk. nThe company has three more contact numbers which include: 1.253.595.5629, 800.640.5250 and fax: 253.595.5629. Thencompany misrepresented the information and the travel package deals and anshopping spree of $1,000. The shopping spree was only cheap out dated merchandisenyou could probably find in goodwill and you had to pay like separate chargesnfor each product to be shipped, so in the end you would pay $300.00 for junknyou didnt even need or near want. I wasnunderneath the consumption that I could use them anytime and there werent anynregulations other than not traveling alone and anyone could join me as long asnthey werent over 60 years of age. Recentlynfound out that the requirements of any trip sold to me was the age 30 ornmarried with the annual salary of at least 25,000-30,000 depending on thentrip. I am 28 years old, currentlynunemployed student and the status of being single. I am not rushing intonmarriage. I dont feel like consumersnshould just get married to just go on vacation that is ridiculous. I contactednthe company to see if there was a resolution to the issue, the representativenadvised me that I could trick the system by to changing my address to my boyfriendsneven if I am not moving so we could enjoy the vacation packages. I do believe this violates some state rightsnand probably many other laws. I do notnwant to trick any system. I feel like thisncompany violates my rights by discriminating demographics and stealing my hardnearned money. Anyone who works for thisncompany should feel ashamed of themselves for being so unethical and misleadingnmany Americans out of their dreams. Incontacted my credit card company to find out that it was past dispute timenlimit and there is nothing they could do. nIn hopes of maybe getting refunded or giving American consumersnjustice. Thank you for the opportunitynof using my first amendment and protect Americans rights.

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