My Dream Shares is a total waste of money for most people! They promise you $599 vacations at any of RCI Resorts at any season if what you want is available. The Truth?! – getting an in demand property during peak or holiday season can cost you $1600 – and at that price, you could book it yourself at Kayak or Priceline or easy click travel. They promise you 3 day 2 night vacations and or 7 day cruises and tell you all you pay is the taxes and airport or port fees. Wrong! They charge an admin fee and limit the offer to off seasno travel in the lowest fare seat/room available. You could end up staying at a Motel 6 or worse. In addition, few if any of the travel savings actually apply to you! They do if you want to travel off season to low demand (less attractive) places, but again, you can go online and book most of those places yourself at or below what they charge. When confronted, they refuse to correct any of the things pointed out and worse – THEY KEEP DOING THE EXACT SAME THING TO THE NEXT CUSTOMER! If you ever go to a “Travel Club”” Presentation

if their “”join fee”” is more than $3

000 there is a 90% chance it will take you over 10 years to recover that expense in the savings the club can deliver. Also

don’t accept any “”voucher”” or promise to “”give”” you a cruise or airfare/hotel. Any of those deals have so many undisclosed restrictions

just ask for their cash equivelent! AND GET ALL THE DETAILS IN WRITING WHILE YOU ARE THERE!”