Embarrassed to say, I was sucked in by these scams that say you can earn money by taking on-line surveys from home. IF it sounds too good to be true, it is! I knew this, but stupidly, still did it. After signing up for the scam survey, it directed me to “MyeWebstore.com“, a.k.a. “Home-income-kit.com” . I was charged $77.00 and $114.00. However, there was a 60 trial in which to cancel if not satisfied. Sounds good, right? Wrong! All I had to do was call before 5/29/14 for a full refund. EXCEPT, NO ONE EVER answered their phone or responded to my emails. The only exception was; they did call back twice, however, I was not at home to take the calls. On May 12, 2014 I started calling and emailing (I documented almost every call and email) repeating over and over to cancel my Trial Period and please refund a total of $191.00 Again, I had until May 29th to get a full refund. I called/emailed approximately 6 – 8 times, left voice mails to cancel. I work an off shift, so I couldn’t call multiple times a day. Low and behold on 5/29/14 (The deadline for a full refund) I FINALLY reached a human being. But, guess what???? I missed canceling the Trial Expiration by a FEW HOURS!!!!! They could only refund one of the charges, of $114.00, as it fell within the time frame, but not the other $77.00. Told them I called and emailed repeatedly TO CANCEL the Trial Membership. They had the audacity to say, I had to speak to a person to conduct refunds. Again, I said, how the heck can I speak with someone when NO ONE answers the phone???? Or returned emails? Funny that they happened to answer their phone after one of my Trial Memberships expired. Do they have something on their phones to indicate this? And now, when I type in their website – www.myewebstore.com it says “Security Certificate Expired”. I am disputing the $77.00 with my C.C. Company. IF I ONLY did a quick search on these scammers, I would have seen all the complaint about this company. Lesson learned.

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