Complaint: The Language Exchange site tells you – through deployments and even a NY Times citation – that after a few contacts through email you will find language partners to practice the chosen idiom. But it simply doesn’t work. After becoming a Golden Member (they charged me 6 bucks a month for that x 3 months) and sent about 20 emails, I didn’t receive any answers so far. When I first contacted them, the founder and webmaster told me to contact at least 5 more people. I tried, it didn’t work at all. Another contact, and the guy told me to give his system a “fair chance”” and contact at least 10 more people each time. I gave him another shot

Tags: K-12 Language

Address: contacted 10 more people with not a single answer after almost a month. For the third time

Website: in spite of the justifications of the owner. Furthermore

Phone: I contacted the webmaster