While browsing the internet an ad came up about a wonder diet drug you could get a free trial of. So I signed up. All I had to pay was shipping and h a n d ling. What is “handling”” by the way? Anyway

they sent my sample which turned out to be two different bottles. Then a month later

two more bottles arrived. I brushed it off. But the next month it happened ag a in. I called my bank because there was NEVER A RECEIPT IN THE PACKAGE! My bank said it was a ripoff. I am a bu s y person so they had time to make one more delivery. That was the last straw so I called asking yhem to refumd just the last shipment. They refused. So I am g oing to try to dispute the charges.”

PO BOX 355 30 ST PETERSBURG, FL 85003, Florida USA

800 561 3593