My mom is definitely being catfished

My mom who is over 50 just got out of an abusive relationship at the beginning of quarantine, she has been slowly rebuilding her relationships with family and friends as well as completely cut off ties with her ex whom she was with for 9 years. Today my mom told me she has a boyfriend. I asked about who it was and she told me his name and showed me a picture. The picture was a grainy photo of a man giving a thumbs up. She says he’s in Afghanistan on a peace mission and was in the military for 27 years. They have never talked on the phone because he is not allowed to by the army it’s against the rules of the mission according to him. Apparently he’s leaving in March. He added her on Facebook because she was single (no mutual friends). His Facebook is very recently made, one photo. And when you search his name other photos of him and that profile come up. I reverse searched one photo and it comes up with a website for alerting ppl of scammers from 2013, that says his name and his military story. From all this I’m pretty sure she is getting catfished. I think it might be her ex partner. I’m a bit concerned for her and her safety. She is madly in love with this man and thinks he is the one. Any advice on addressing her about this!

Published at Tue, 19 Jan 2021 05:39:09 +0000