The way THEY work is simple: * They think You The People are stupid. * Therefore, they offer you a “free” trial, or ask for a nominal fee, say $1.95. Of course they’ll need your credit card number, or your bank account number. * You need a job, so you need a resume. You give them your credit info. They think you gave it to them because you are stupid. * What they don’t know is that you gave it to them because You The People are essentially good and therefore trusting. * And then, they took advantage of your trust. Despite the fact that you cancelled your subscription well within the 30 day “trial period”, they continued charging you monthly, $24.95 or $34.95 etc… This went on for some time, accumulating hundreds – and for some of you thousands – of dollars in fraudulent charges. * The result? Some criminal fat cats on a beach somewhere living high on the hog, kicking back and having a good chuckle while shoveling caviar and guzzling champagne – that YOU paid for! * People, it’s time to break out the pitchforks and fire up the torches (legally speaking, of course)! Did this happen to you, too? It happened to me (I have all the emails to prove it), and from what I’ve seen online I’m sure it has happened to many, many other victims. | My Perfect Resume is actually The Perfect Scam and deserves the Mother of all Class-Action Suits. People, it’s time to rise up and shine the light of truth on these cockroaches. Let’s all take action and join forces. Send your story, along with any documentation, emails or other evidence you may have to [email protected] We will try to respond in a timely fashion, but please be patient; we’re expecting thousands – possibly millions – of responses. IMPORTANT: Please make this go VIRAL. In order for the Power of the People to be felt, we must reach as many people as possible. Let these criminals know that We The People won’t take it anymore. Please post this on every single social media source you can think of, and forward to friends, family and acquaintances. TOGETHER we can see justice served!


  • Name: My Perfect Resume
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: San Francisco
  • Address: 1 Hallidie Plaza, Suite 600
  • Phone:
  • Website: