Complaint: on march 16, 2015 i used a debit card to get into a work at home job oppertunity in the bank statement it was paid to smart web content. well a week or so later i got a news letter from american diversified publications with work at home job offers. well on april 6, 2015 i noticed mybank account was over drawn so when i checked it out a company by the name of my rapid blog was taking 29 dollars at a time out of my account which left me almost 200 dollars over drawn . i called the company they reimbursed me 29 dollars which did not help my account at all so i filed a fraud suit with the bank which i won but it only covered the bank. but while i was waiting for that i had to go borrow money to take care of my 78 year old father and my 6 year old grandson which i have custody of. i’m sorry but it wouldn’t had to do that if my bank had not been tampered with, i honestly feel they should help me pay these people because it has put me so far in the hole i don’t know what to do. what can i do to get them to make this right. honestly i feel i deserve something i have been nothing but stressed out. if i have to pay this myself there’s noway i’ll be able to keep our home . please help me i’m desperate thank you so much

Tags: Internet Fraud

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