I feel very saddened about something that has happened, and now I know it has happened to so many other families and puppies. My sister-in-law is going through a divorce and has two young children. In hopes of making their family happy again, she decided to buy a puppy. I went with her about 3 weeks ago to a puppy convention in Schertz. There was nothing she was interested In there, but mentioned she had found a female malitpoo puppy online, and had the phone number. So we called. The guy who answered gave us directions to his home in Castroville. We drove there from Schertz and met his wife and 5 children. He was not there. They had about 8 puppies, and the wife assured us her moms poodle and her maltipoo had puppies, but she was not a regular breeder. She seemed nice enough and even had all the right answers that the puppies were okayed from the vet and had all their shots. My sister-in-law fell in love with a female maltipoo, and decided she would be the perfect addition to their family. She purchase the puppy with a check for $350 and was given a contract by the wife. After bringing the puppy home, we realized the puppy was covered in ticks. We bathed her, removed about 8 ticks from her tiny body, and called the breeder. They said she would be fine. We just wanted to be sure they were aware that their puppies were all most likely infested with ticks. The new puppy quickly became a member of our whole family. She was named Luca. My sister-in-law took her to the vet to get a checkup and shots. After an overnight stay, and over a $600 bill, she was diagnosed with the beginning stages of Parvo (possibly). The vet seemed optimistic that the illness was caught early and Luca would be fine. My sister-in-law did not call the breeder because she knew she would not be refunded the charges, and by this time, Luca was a member of the family. Sadly, one week later, Luca was feeling ill again, and having seizures. After a visit to the vet, it was determined that Luca in fact had a terminal disease (Distemper) and had to be put down. My sister-in-law was extremely upset, and had to figure out a way to break it to her children. I advised her to contact the breeder to not only inquire about a possible refund of at least the $350 the puppy cost, but to warn them that their puppies could all be sick. We did not want any other families to go through what our family is going through. She called the husbands phone number, and the voice mail was full. So, I advised her to send him a text message. Then, I decided to look the breeder up online to see if I could get a different number. I didnt know much about him, but it is amazing what you can find online. I just did a search for maltipoo for sale in Castroville. It turns out, this couple has been selling sick puppies to families for years. They first began with the name of adorable petz in San Antonio. After so many bad reviews were written about them online, they moved to Castroville and began using the name my spoiled puppy. It really saddens me that they have knowingly sold sick puppies to so many families who have had to put their new family members down. And, there are so many bad reviews about the puppies being gifts for small children, and then them having to be put down. My sister-in-law is already out over $1000, and we obviously do not have the means to pursue legal action. Besides, Texas is still one state where there are not many laws that protect the treatment of puppies when it comes to breeders.My sister-in-law was finally able to speak with Joe last night. Of course, he said the puppy was not sick when she was purchased from him. When we asked for the report from their vet that the puppy was fine when she was sold, he admitted they do not take any of the dogs to the vet. He supposedly buys the medication online, and gives the puppies the shots himself. But, of course, he has no proof of that either. My hope is that you and anyone else reading this can help make a difference. My heart is broken for my family, and now knowing they have been doing this for so long, to so many others, just angers me! Even if there is nothing we do legally, families need to know how easy it is to be taken advantage of when buying a puppy. I would also like to add, that I consider myself an intelligent person, with knowledge of puppy mills and legal issues. Even with this knowledge, it never occurred to me that this couple (and parents of 5) would knowingly do such a horrible thing to so many families. I always thought of a puppy mill as a large establishment with hundreds of dogs. I never imagined you could find it in a small country home in Castroville full of children. Just take a look at all of the negative reviews out there. There was also a news story done on Austin’s KXAN news station in December 2009 that can be viewed on youtube, and there are numerous newspaper articles about them online. Their names are Joe Lozano and Sylvia Guerra.Contact Info: 112 County Rd-4721Internet 78009United States of AmericaPhone: 210-823-1792

112 County Rd-4721 Castroville, Texas United States of America



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