I purchased UGGS online for $99.00 no shipping, no tax and when I received them they were a size too small than normal ones sold in the US and the exterior sheepskin suede is a tad off color and the wrong texture. They came in a makeshift cardboard box taped together with the uggs inside in plastic bags with a shipping label written in Japanese. There is no recourse for return or contacting the company. I basically am stuck with these fake UGGS and out $99.00 that I paid through Paypal. DON’T BUY UGGS on the internet unless you go through Nordstroms, UGGs.com, or another legitimate company you normally shop. If the deal sounds too good to be true IT IS!!! I also bought from UGGII.com and had the same problem, Uggs were a size too small and they were from Japan, again with no recourse for return as their customer service on their website does not respond to emails or calls!!! nKerinNewport Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.

mybizway.com or UGGII.com Internet Japan

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