Complaint: Though I was never interested in their rewards scheme, I just gave myself a try with the mycokerewards website to get rewarded for my loyalty. But each time I open the account, the website says that it couldn’t recognise my id or password and ask me to reset it. The most interesting thing is, I have saved my id and password in a note but the website says I might have forgot my password. Thus I am completely feeling cheated and hereby wants the other consumers to be careful!!! Coca cola’s intension seems no good!!!! I being a loyal customer of Coke, wanted to give a try in its get rewarded I joined it on 10 th January. But from the very next day, whenever I use to login, it would say that it couldn’t recognise my id and password, and thereby suggest me to reset it. I then reset it with the same id and password everytime. This went for almost a week. And now I am confident that it is a site made to cheat us. Thus I would like to suggest other consumers not to try it. I have also read other complaints like not giving the mentioned rewards and closing the account for inactivity within 25 days, although it is mentioned 30 days in the rule.

Tags: Computer Fraud

Address: Nationwide USA