Complaint: Former MyFreecams model of 6 years. I finally got the chance to quit and make money elsewhere where I can get some respect!. Models and members BE VERY CAUTIOUS. There is no real privacy on mfc at least for me…I know shocking right! being a porn site in all..I would assume all the cam sites are just as bad but I can tell you with fact mfc employee OR members can and will hack into models accounts beyond boundaries!. This happened to me. I had a member gradually try to take all business out of my room by excessive chat and pm other members in my room to leave mine. This member also somehow hacked into my pm’s and was reading chat between me and my girlfriend then made it known he was reading it by responding to my comments between me and my girlfriend. Not just a looser but not the sharpest tool in the shed either. His name is (Mathias44) on MyFreeCams. One of MalanaTwitch’s regulars. Hes a piece of work. BLOCK HIM Ladies! . He will become obsessive and spy on you ILLEGALLY. He knows his way around a computer. He also uses more than one account so just be aware. many of members do this with several accounts. Its in their chatting habits and how they talk to you its always a pattern, obvious to a woman with half a brain. I know of at least 3 other accounts he uses to try to appear as someone new. Its not. BEWARE OF THESE HACKER PLAYERS. This guy always had tokens and alot of them. Dont use the friends list feature EVER .It can at least make it harder for them to hack. NEVER SKYPE AND NEVER VIEW CAMS. These are things that will jepordize your safety and I do not want any low life getting away with this so I am warning other girls. I reported him to mfc customer service and never got a response. I contacted them again a month later and never got a response. Either A…mfc employee did it and got caught or B..a member bipassed mfc’s security and mfc did nothing about it..because he is still on mfc to this day..any other business would have banned this person from their site for hacking into their system. Either way it is very insecure with NO PRIVACY. Risky to have any personal info attatched to these people so always use a vpn, block your ip and never give mfc your real address if possible use a po box. Mfc could care less to what happens to any model or member on their site. All they care about is money and pimping out models..sad common truth. So join at your own risk as a member and especially as a model. MyFreeCams is anything but professional and reputable. Very shady things are going on. Some are one in the same..Employees who will come across as outsider members… not really. I made over 12,000 a year on mfc but it wasnt WORTH SACRIFICING MY PRIVACY AND SECURITY. JUST BE VERY CAUTIOUS IF YOU MUST CAM. Camming is a common place for pedophiles that want a shaved pu**y to fantasize underaged hairless girls, criminals, prisoners and awkardly lonely men who have nothing better to do with their time than hack, spy on others and play on mfc 24 hours a day. Dont attract those individuals and keep it professional and impersonal between you and customers. Dont turn a regular into a stalker. Some will do it for the game but their are some who do it with ill intentions. BE ATTENTIVE. PAY ATTENTION and be aware you are being watched even though they say they dont monitor rooms they do and twisted things still go unpunished.

Tags: Hacking & Fraud/ Scamming, Internet Fraud

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