I hired Myler Disability to represent me in my disability claim. I was initially denied disability benefits, as most people are. Myler Disability was hired to represent me in my appeal to Social Security. According to Myler Disability, I had a case. At the time I had Type 1 diabetes of 20+ years, CHF with a low EF rate, Stage 3B renal failure (Stage 4 by time of hearing), gout (due to renal failure), as well as other medical issues. Myler Disability seems to operate like some assembly line disability claims outfit. They operate nationwide. Their main office is out of Lehi, UT. It seems as if they contract attorneys out across the U.S. to facilitate their nationwide outreach. One thing I wasn’t happy about with Myler Disability was the lack of communication. You’re basically sent packets of information to fill out and send back to them in postage-paid envelopes. You have absolutely no idea who your attorney is that will be representing you. I didn’t find out until almost a week before the hearing who was going to be representing me. While you are assigned a “case manager” at Myler Disability, that’s about the extent of communication. The case manager is NOT a legal expert. | About a week or so before my appeal hearing, I received a call from James Davis out of Madison, MS. Mind you, I’m in deep south Louisiana. My hearing was to be held in Houma, LA. James Davis briefly introduces himself as my attorney and tells me to be there about an hour or so before my hearing time. This is so that we can go over my case. This was quite unsettling. I like to be prepared before I do something. Waiting until an hour before the actual hearing to discuss and go over a case doesn’t instill much confidence in me. When I get there James Davis was already there. We go into a side room and discuss my case. He tells me that with all of my health issues, I have a good case. The hearing lasted about thirty to forty-five minutes or so. The case ended with him asking the Social Security representative what type of job I could do. The way this works is Social Security has a representative that tries to see if there are any types of jobs that the person could do based upon their accommodation needs. She was unable to give an answer to what type of job I could do. I felt confident that I would win. After all, if Social Security can’t even answer that question, how could one be denied? It took two months for the dishonorable Administrative Law Judge, Louis J. Volz, III to make his decision. Louis J. Volz, III denied my appeal with nine pages of legal BS on why I did not quality for disability. After researching Louis J. Volz, III, I discovered that he’s within the top 10% pay scale for Administrative Law Judges with a 46% approval rating. This means that of the disability cases he sees, Louis J. Volz, III only approves 46% of them. Seems to me this crooked Administrative Law Judge is paid high wages for denying disabled citizens their benefits. On May 25, 2018 I had a missed call from Kenneth (not my case manager) with Myler Disability. I tried to return the call but it was too late. I did leave a voicemail with my case manager. | The following Monday was a holiday, Memorial Day. I didn’t expect to receive a call until Tuesday. Around noon on Tuesday I tried calling my representative at extension 224. All I received was his voicemail. So, I left another voicemail. I tried calling back to see if someone else could talk to me about my case. After all, on Friday I had received a call from someone named Kenneth (not my case manager). I got a hold of the operator at Myler Disability. The operator said the only person I could speak with was my case manager. Are you kidding me?! So even though Friday someone else called me to speak with me about my case I’m being told no one else could speak to me but my case manager? Seems like Myler Disability makes up their own rules as they go along. I tried again around 2 or so. | Finally got a hold of my case manager. He told me that I was denied my benefits and that they were not going to appeal. I inquired as to why. He said there was nothing for them to appeal. I asked if he could at least give me a general reason why. After all, the response from Social Security was nine pages of legal jargon. That’s why I hired an attorney.. To help understand all of the legal jargon. He said I would have to talk to the attorney that had represented me, James Davis. He gave me James Davis’ phone number. I called James Davis. He said he wasn’t in his office at the moment but for me to call him tomorrow after lunch. So, here I am. I wasted over a year with Myler Disability. They only appealed on my behalf once. Tell me I have a case. Then when denied benefits am given some half-a*s response that they’re not going to appeal. | After doing some research online, it seems Myler Disability has a terrible record for abandoning their clients. I will be filing a complaint with the Louisiana Bar Association, Utah Bar Association, and Mississippi Bar Association against Myler Disability, Brad Myler (main attorney of Myler Disability), and James Davis. I have no doubt they will still want me to pay them the $126 for what they paid to obtain my medical records and so forth. I’m not paying them a single penny. From what I’ve read online, when Myler Disability abandons their clients, they still expect payment. This company is nothing but a scam that wastes disabled people’s time. Avoid Myler Disability and James Davis. I will be updating this report once I speak with James Davis to find out the exact reason he and Myler Disability is abandoning my case.


  • Name: Myler Disability
  • Country: United States
  • State: Utah
  • City: Lehi
  • Address: P.O. Box 127
  • Phone: 1-801-855-8062
  • Website: www.mylerdisability.com/