Keep asking for money


My Complaint: They told me that i could adopt a rottweiler pup for only 300 dollars while 120 was for the dog expense and the rest was for the shipping. Well, when the dog was being shipped supposedly the dog needed a bigger 550 dollar crate and so we sent that through money gram like they requested later they were asking for a hundred dollars because they said the police did a check at the airport saying the dog needed papers and that i needed to pay 3500 dollars and that i was going to be refunded all this money back i told them i had no more money and they insisted that i pay so i said all i had was 100 dollars so we came to that agreement and i payed that and they promised that was the last payment then this morning while i wait for the dog to arrive they say i have to pay 400 for rabies shots and some other vaccine shots and they’re stuck in kansas and again that this money will all be refunded well,i didn’t have the money so supposedly they kept the dog and today is day 3 and no dog while it was supposed to be shipped that same day in the afternoon. They said to send the money to Cameroon bec that’s where their branch was and i found on google an add that said “Cameroon pet scam” yes, i have been scammed and i have no dog and they took 1000 dollars from me. 300 dollars from the pet owner, 550 from the electrical dog crate, and 100 dollars for the dog insurance plus the 59 dollars i payed to send money grams and western union money. The clerk at the store asked me what it was for and told me not to do it, but unlucky and naive me believed these people and now i have no money and no dog. they also threatened to fine me for pet abandonment at the airport!!! I told them i would sue them and they kept trying to speak about the bible and how dare i say such things???


My Demand: I want all my money back.