Western Union Scam Bank Fraud


My Complaint: Mystery Shopper has you complete a profile name address telephone/cell and email. They then tell you that you are eligible to complete mystery shopper assignments for which you will be paid $200.00 USD for approx. 20 minutes of work as a mystery shopper. They then send you what appears to be a valid check in a USPS envelope from Leigh Springs 100 Ashton Circle, Smyrna TN 37167. They use two day priority mail status to make it look like a legitimate piece of US mail.. They ask you to take the check to your bank deposit it for cash and then western union the cash to Osmin Ayala Woodridge Va. 22191.
They tell you to keep $200 for yourself and in a letter that they enclose provide the mystery shopper instructions that you are to follow at the western union office.

The fraud, once you bank discovers that the check is bogus you are liable for the amount which you no longer have since you have western union it to Osmin Ayala.

Do some serious thinking would someone send you a check for $1,980 without getting a contract with you first that is verifiable on both your and their end.

Be careful that you do not participate unwillingly in bank fraud and wind up in jail because of greed or just stupidity.


My Demand: 0