This woman has known my husband since they were in highschool. She has watched him (on social media)fall in love with me have children with me, marry me, vacation with me, spend holidays and birthdays with me. That didn’t deter her from letting him come thru for a few minutes have sex with her and go back to his family. She got pregnant, and gave birth to my husband’s third child. All while I thought we were in our happily ever after. He confessed to me about having a 1 year old and pleaded for me to keep our family together. I called her , very respectfully to get her side of the story. She said she didn’t owe me anything, and for me to talk to my husband, and to not call her again. I obligided. Then she began texting me calling ME a dumb whore, lonely, needy, ugly, can’t dress. I was taken a back. Why was she mad at me?? He and she went willingly into this situation, I was the one caught up against my will. We are trying to mend our marriage. Now she won’t let my husband see the baby, but wants CS. I loth women like this. She is a failure at wrecking this home. But beware.