is great when they get your orders right. In the past, I did not have any problems with their shipments. I placed a large order ($467) for some ecig components, juices, atomizers, and coils. However, they shipped it to the wrong address. Even though they knew they made a mistake, their police is that they will not provide a refund UNLESS THEY GET THEIR PRODUCTS BACK. | I was shocked. So, if they ship your items to the wrong address, they will only provide a refund to you if the incorrect addresee decides to ship the items back to them. They do not list a telephone number on their site, and they only communicate through email. But, the customer service representative will only provide a first name — very suspicious. | After 4 weeks of haggling though email, I had to file a fraud claim with Visa. I got my money back after Visa determined that they defrauded me in the amount of $467, however, Visa’s investigation took 3 months. That said, be ware of these fraudulent ecommerce sites, that do not provide contact information. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! | Buy your e cig components elsewhere. is run by unethical people commiting fraud. If you don’t know your rights, file a claim with your credit card or take them to small claims court. I had to fight to get my refund, you should too!!!